Welcome to the Emenemlab web site.

The emenemlab will be moving !!
Major changes are underway.

  1. Maurice is now a Senior PI at the Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore. Together with Xinhong Lim, PhD, he is now running a new lab (the Sebaceous Gland Lab), which, together with an industrial partner, aims to elucidate once and for all the pathogenesis of acne and find a cure for this common skin condition. Maurice will also be running inherited skin disorders clinics in Singapore.
  2. Maurice and Barry will be moving to Dundee from the 1st of January, 2015. They will be joining DGEM (http://dgem.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/) at the College of Life Sciences. Exciting move, as the University of Dundee is among the very best in life sciences. Maurice will do inherited skin disorders in Dundee as well.
  3. This site might temporarily disappear whilst we move and find a new host.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to note that the lab in Singapore is doing very well - I might post some images soon to illustrate the progress that we have been making.